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There are companies that offer a variety of insulation solutions for new construction and for upgrading existing homes and businesses, but at Cape Fear Foam LLC, we believe that one type of insulation best suits the needs of all homes and businesses in this area. We specialize in spray foam insulation because of the extensive benefits it can provide, including a lifetime of energy savings and more.

Spray Foam Insulation

Nothing else performs quite as well as spray foam insulation.

Energy Savings

Spray foam makes economic sense — it will provide you with significant annual energy savings on utility costs.

Cost Savings

Studies have shown that adding spray foam insulation to a home can reduce fuel bills by 40%!

Turn to us as spray foam insulation specialists

We offer both open cell spray foam insulation and closed cell spray foam insulation. We have been serving the Wilmington, North Carolina area’s home builders and residents since 2006, so we have the experience and knowledge to determine which polyurethane spray foam insulation is best for your situation. We consider your specific objectives so that we can recommend the right product for you.

You can enjoy a wide variety of benefits from spray foam insulation, including lowering your energy bills, reducing your carbon footprint, enjoying a healthier indoor air environment, strengthening your home’s structural integrity, reducing damage from rain, eliminating wood floor cupping, gaining attic storage space, reducing dust and pollen, eliminating pests and insects, enjoying soundproofing qualities, eliminating cold or hot rooms, and feeling good about choosing an environmentally friendly option for your home.


Steve and his crew are the best!

– D Caison

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We are happy to work with area builders, contractors, home owners, and business owners who want to learn more about spray foam insulation and why it is a superior option for long-term benefits. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions you might have or to learn more about our professional, family-owned spray foam insulation company.