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Attic insulation may not be the first item that springs to mind when considering upgrades for your home, but proper attic insulation can boost the energy efficiency and comfort of your home. At Cape Fear Foam LLC, we know all about the benefits homeowners gain from the right insulation, which is why we’re proud to help Jacksonville, North Carolina home owners with all their insulation needs.

Attic Insulation in Jacksonville, North Carolina

As mentioned, increasing energy efficiency is one of the main reasons homeowners invest in attic insulation. Insulation helps to maintain a consistent temperature within your house by preventing heat from moving from your home into the attic area. It retains heat inside during the winter months, minimizing the need for continuous heating, and blocks out extra heat during the warmer months to keep your house cooler.

Attic insulation also gives you a more pleasant home all year round. Bid farewell to drafty rooms and temperature swings that cause discomfort in specific parts of your house. Your home will have constant temperatures thanks to adequate insulation, which will also remove hot and cold zones and guarantee a comfortable environment for you and your family.

In addition to controlling temperature, attic insulation reduces sound transmission between rooms and muffles outside noise by functioning as a sound barrier. If your home is busy or you live in a noisy area, this can be quite helpful. Finally, attic insulation can help reduce your carbon footprint by lowering the amount of energy required to heat and cool your home. It’s a small but important step in making your home more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

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At Cape Fear Foam LLC, we offer attic insulation for customers in Wilmington, Hampstead, and Jacksonville, as well as Pender County, New Hanover County, Brunswick County, and Onslow County, North Carolina.