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Reduce dust in your home through the installation of spray foam insulation.

If you were to put dust from your home under a microscope, you would shudder at the thought of leaving even a speck of it laying around! Unless you are willing to continually dust your Wilmington, North Carolina home, you need solutions to reduce dust in your home. At Cape Fear Foam LLC, we want to share that a common reason for excess dust is not having an airtight seal. It might surprise you how easily dirt, dust, and other contaminants can gain access through the many small cracks and crevices that nearly every home has.

Reduce Dust in Home in Wilmington, North Carolina

If you are inspired to reduce dust in your home, we suggest learning about spray foam insulation. With this innovative insulation product in place, those openings will all be filled, and far more effectively than with rolled or blow-in insulation. Another benefit of filling those gaps is that air cannot get in and neither can water, so you’ll enjoy energy efficiency and avoid water damage in your home. Avoiding water damage also means avoiding mold. Even if mold were to try to colonize, spray foam insulation is not a food source for mold, so it won’t be successful in gaining traction and adversely affecting indoor air quality.

If you would like to know more about how spray foam insulation can reduce dust in your home and provide many other benefits, reach out to us today. We can schedule a consultation to address your questions and provide you with a quote for making your home airtight.

At Cape Fear Foam LLC, we can reduce dust in homes for customers in Wilmington, Hampstead, and Jacksonville, as well as Pender County, New Hanover County, Brunswick County, and Onslow County, North Carolina.