3 Key Warning Signs that You Need Foundation Insulation

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The foundation of your home serves the very important purpose of supporting your entire home and keeping it steady when the ground around it naturally shifts. When the foundation becomes exposed, it is vulnerable to outside elements and needs quick attention to avoid large, costly problems. An exposed foundation is also sometimes at risk of moisture that can lead to serious problems. Here are a few signs that your home may need foundation insulation:

1. Continuously running HVAC units and rising energy costs: If the rest of your home is sufficiently insulated but you still have trouble reaching and keeping a desired temperature throughout your home, foundation insulation may be the solution you need to give your HVAC unit a break and bring your energy bill down.

3 Key Warning Signs that You Need Foundation Insulation

2. Leaks in basements or crawlspace: If there is water in your crawlspace or basement, but there are no leaking pipes or cracked window seals, the problem could be with your foundation. Foundation insulation with a high-quality polyurethane spray foam can seal off those cracks and successfully block out intruding moisture.

3. Exposed areas of foundation: Seeing spots of your foundation is one of the clearest ways to know that your home could benefit from foundation insulation. While your foundation is built in part to keep out moisture and pests and prevent damage, an added layer of insulation can help it to better resist moisture and be less susceptible to damage. It brings an added benefit of increasing your home’s energy efficiency as well.

Give your home the attention and support it needs by keeping it reliably insulated. Whether you need foundation insulation or an insulation improvement in any part of your home, our team at Cape Fear Foal LLC is the team to call to do the job right. Give us a call today.