4 Qualities to Look for When Selecting Roof Insulation

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There are many benefits to equipping your home with high-quality roofing insulation. Your roof is your home’s first defense against outside elements and good insulation allows the roof to do its job well. Reliable insulation will help:

  • Provide an extra layer of protection – Your insulation can help protect your roofing from prolonged exposure to heat or cold.

4 Qualities to Look for When Selecting Roof Insulation

  • Prevent heat and moisture – Your roof insulation also helps prevent your home from incurring moisture damage or from getting too hot during the warm and humid summer months.
  • Reduce energy costs – By creating better temperature control, your roof insulation will help you to run heating and air conditioning units less often, saving you money on energy costs.

For you to gain these benefits, you need to be sure that your roof insulation is of the best quality. Make sure that the insulation your contractor uses:

1.  Creates a high-quality seal to provide weather proofing and keep conditioned air inside the building.

2.   Adheres well to the building’s structure, including corners and difficult shapes such as curves and crevices.

3.   Has an R-value that meets the standards of your local area.

4.   Has a reputation for strengthening the integrity of buildings.

At Cape Fear Foam LLC, we use a two-part liquid form spray foam insulation, called polyurethane spray foam insulation, that we’ve found to be extremely reliable. This type of insulation creates a strong thermal barrier, blocks out moisture, and strengthens the integrity of your home. To learn more about roof insulation or to schedule a consultation, reach out to us today.