Managing Water Intrusion in Your Home

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Water leaking into your home is an annoying and potentially hazardous situation. Whether you’re dealing with a flooded basement or a leaky roof, water intrusion can be a costly problem. Take a proactive approach by following these simple steps to help prevent water from damaging your home or property.

Managing Water Intrusion in Your Home

• Inspect Your Roof Often- Take a look at the exterior of your roof for any visible damage. Be sure to check the seal around the chimney in particular, as this can weaken before other areas. Inside, look for damp or discolored spots in the plaster below your roof in the attic or top floor.

• Check Your Foundation- Walk around the base of your home to check for cracks in the foundation. While some light cracking can be normal, large or excessive cracks in the concrete could indicate future problems. You can seal small cracks with a variety of common sealants, but it’s best to leave major problems to the experts.

• Clean Your Drains and Gutters- Leaves, weeds and other debris can accumulate in your gutters and drains, causing blockage that could eventually lead to leaks. If you notice water dripping down the sides of your home, it’s a good sign that your gutters need to be cleaned out. While it’s common to clean your gutters in the fall, you should monitor these areas year-round for potential blocks.

• Insulate Your Home- Proper home insulation can help reduce the risk of water intrusion. Spray foam insulation on entrances, gaps and other vulnerable areas is a simple and effective way to repel moisture. Exposed outdoor pipes should also be insulated to prevent them from freezing and bursting. Need help with home insulation? Contact our experts at Cape Fear Foam LLC.