Tips About Crawlspace Insulation

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Do you remember the carefree days of childhood when you only wore socks and shoes when absolutely necessary? Perhaps you still enjoy wandering around your home barefoot or wish you could if not for the freezing cold floors in the winter. If you hate that abrupt wakeup of a cold floor in the morning or trying to find your slippers when you wake up during the night, the solution could be crawlspace insulation.

Tips About Crawlspace Insulation

You might think that there is no way to put insulation in what could be a damp environment. After all, fiberglass batting can break down pretty quickly in those conditions. Crawlspace encapsulation can improve the environment there, but there is another solution that can be used along with that process or as another option. Spray foam insulation repels moisture, so it has the added benefit of keeping that moisture from adversely affecting your home.

There are other advantages of spray foam crawlspace insulation besides making your floors a bit less frigid in the winter. It also blocks pollen from entering your home, keeps pests at bay, eliminates drafts, and lowers your heating bill.

If you would like to learn about crawlspace insulation for your Wilmington, North Carolina home, give us a call at Cape Fear Foam LLC. We specialize in polyurethane spray foam insulation, as we believe it to be the best home insulation product on the market today. It is an ideal product for encapsulating your crawlspace as an airtight seal and barrier to moisture. We can also address heat loss in the attic with this exceptional product. Call today to learn more.