Will Your House Insulation Let You Down this Winter?

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It is one thing to don a heavy jacket and hat when venturing out into the winter landscape. It is quite another to need to wear multiple layers when inside your home just to keep your heating bill under control! If you suspect that your house insulation is going to let you down again this winter, take a proactive approach and upgrade it now.

Will Your House Insulation Let You Down this Winter?

When it comes to the various options for house insulation, one to take a good look at is polyurethane spray foam insulation. It is one of the best insulation products on the market today, especially for retrofitting an older home that may be full of cracks, gaps, and other areas where your heated air is escaping and cold winter air is entering.

Spray foam house insulation can be installed in the attic and/or the crawlspace or basement of your home. It can also act as a moisture barrier so your home will be warmer and dryer. Think of it like putting a sweater on your house so that you don’t have to wear one inside your home.

Controlling your heating bill is just one benefit of upgrading your house insulation. Added comfort is high on the list, as well, not to mention taking the strain off your furnace so it will give you more years of reliable performance. With spray foam insulation to fill in gaps that are letting in dust and other contaminants, you can also enjoy improved indoor air quality.

If you are in the Wilmington, North Carolina area and would like to get a head start on preparing for winter, call us at Cape Fear Foam LLC to learn about our house insulation solutions.