Crawlspace Encapsulation, Wilmington,  NC

Crawlspace encapsulation prevents mold, insects, and other moisture problems.

The purpose behind crawlspace encapsulation is to be in control of the environment that can range from nearly dry to extremely wet. Since there are many dangers involved with a moist environment under your Wilmington, North Carolina home, it is important to seal it up to prevent mold, insects, and other moisture problems. There are several ways to go about crawlspace encapsulation, and one that we utilize here at Cape Fear Foam LLC gives you more than just a vapor barrier.

Crawlspace Encapsulation in Wilmington, North Carolina

With polyurethane spray foam insulation, moisture is blocked from coming into your home, and it also makes your home more energy efficient in the process. As a dense material, it fills all cracks, crevices, and other places where air can get through. If air is getting through, so can insects and moisture, so you’ll have a more protected home than you could get with other crawlspace encapsulation processes. If you already have a plastic vapor barrier in place, you can enjoy added protection with foam insulation along with making your home more comfortable and energy efficient.

We utilize a closed cell spray foam insulation that is very dense and doesn’t soak up moisture like other types of insulation. It creates an excellent moisture barrier and won’t become damaged by water intrusion. It also blocks pollen and other contaminants so you can improve indoor air quality for a healthier home.

If you would like to know more about our crawlspace encapsulation solution, don’t hesitate to reach out to us to schedule an appointment.

At Cape Fear Foam LLC, we offer crawlspace encapsulation for customers in Wilmington, Hampstead, and Jacksonville, as well as Pender County, New Hanover County, Brunswick County, and Onslow County, North Carolina.